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Directions to Festival

For a map showing the parking of the Merlindale Nature festival and walk down to festival site please click the button below.

The Merlindale Nature Festival August 24th 2024

On the 24th of August Merlindale will host its third Nature Festival which will of course include a collection of local and regional groups involved in wildlife conservation and nature restoration. The event will also include a host of different nature related walks, including the very popular red squirrel walk, and an array of refreshments provided by the Broughton Village Shop. Last but certainly not least we will be welcoming back Billy Anderson  alongside his beautiful Clydesdale horses from Fingerpost Farms who will be working in tandem with expert scyther Rob Brodie to mow the meadow during his scything workshop.  

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Once again we have a large collection of groups attending who we can't wait to introduce you to.


This years festival proudly introduce two new organisations. Firstly, we welcome Future Forests who are striving to ensure the creation of a sustainable biodiverse countryside through their projects which are breaking phenomenal milestones; including planting of over one million trees! Our second new organisation is none other than Happy Hedgerows, who make beautiful locally sourced leather goods including bags, belts, bookmarks and much more. 

This year we are also pleased to back welcome our friends at the Tweed Forum whose support and conservation efforts are unparalleled. We are also proud to be welcoming back local community group Connecting Threads.


Last year The Tweed Foundation provided an awesome electrofishing display which we can gladly announce will be happening once again; the Tweed Foundation always bring plenty to share about our river ecosystems.

The Tweeddale Red Squirrel Network (TRSN) will of course be joining us with more information on their important project which is at the centre of the resurgence of red squirrels in the Borders. Our very own Alex will once again take visitors on red squirrel walks in Merlin's wood, hopefully successfully replicating many of the sightings from last year. 


Merlindale is pleased to welcome the Southern Upland Partnership in this year's event. Their South of Scotland Golden Eagle Project has been working since 2017 to increase the small, isolated and vulnerable population of golden eagles in the South of Scotland through a series of translocations. they have successfully released over 30 birds bringing the total population to a level not seen in over 300 years. Alongside these releases they work closely with stakeholders and communities to reignite an understanding and appreciation of this iconic apex predator in its native range. 

The Scottish Wildlife Trust will be returning to Merlindale this year alongside the Borders Forest Trust ("BFT") whose vast projects are shaping significant portions of our countryside such as the spectacular Carrifran Valley. 

The Borders Organic Gardeners with their beautifully arranged stall from last year will also be returning again this year to provide amazing information on how to turn your gardens into sustainable, biodiverse, and delicious habitats. 

Another beautifully arranged stall returning to the festival will be that of the Scottish Borders Fungus Group who work to raise awareness of the importance of fungi. Each fungi you will see in the stall will have been picked up from somewhere in Merlindale!


This year we will again welcome Buglife, who have been central to our understanding of the sheer scale of our loss of insect biomass over recent decades and who are of paramount importance to attempts to reverse this trend. It was Buglife who in 2021 commissioned the research which provided us with the knowledge that we are losing flying insect pollinators at the rate of 34% per decade. 

The Wildlife Information Center will join us to educate the visitors on some of the animals living right on our doorsteps as well as to participate in our bioblitz.  Alongside The Wildlife Information Center we welcome back the Scottish Badgers group who will provide everything you need to know about our badgers.

Peebles' own Stuart Craig will return to the Festival once again this year, he will be bird ringing throughout the event for out bioblitz, visitors also get to experience  the beauty of some Merlindale's many different bird species up close. With Stuart's expert assistance visitors will even be able to release birds which he has rung back into the woods and our meadows. Stuart will be working right opposite bodger Robert Fleet whose expert wood craftsmanship is a miracle to watch; he's also expert company for a good chat!


Festival Recap

Get a feel for what our 2024 Merlindale Nature Festival will be like by watching our 2023 Festival highlight video below.

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