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What happened at the 2022 Merlindale Nature Festival?

Merlindale's first festival and the beginnings of an annual celebration

The Merlindale Nature Festival took place on Saturday 10th September, it was based around the cutting of a traditional hay meadow. Parking was provided by Drumelzier Village Hall. Signs were provided to take visitors from Drumelzier down to the festival through a beautiful area of meadow beside the Tweed. On the meadow field itself a team of Clydesdale horses pulled a traditional mower to cut the lower section of meadow and a scything workshop (in which 40 people participated) took place at the top end of the field.


Michelle Stamp of the Borders Forest Trust organised a bio blitz recording flora and fauna, including bats, moths and butterflies, mosses and lichens, earthworms, and invertebrates. The Dawyck Botanic Gardens attended as did the Tweed Forum with a stand providing information about the new Destination Tweed footpath which will pass next to Merlindale. The Tweed Foundation had a tank with fish caught in the river at Merlindale on show and the Peebles Bee Group attended with an open hive.


The Tweeddale Red Squirrel Network of which Merlindale is a part was also present at the festival speaking about the red squirrel project,  Alex Lintott took visitors on a successful red squirrel-watching walk which both adults and children enjoyed. A bodger, refreshments, artist, and photographer were also all present, adding to the rich atmosphere.




The Poster

To view the 2022 Merlindale Nature Festival poster please click the button below.

The Nature festival exceeded all expectations with over 300 visitors! Stalls provided families with valuable information about our landscape, wildlife, and nature restoration strategies, visitors were even able to view some of the wildlife close up with the bird ringing proving very popular! Furthermore, visitors were taken into the landscape, on a Red squirrel watching guided walk, which was also a success! 

We hope to see you next year!

Merlindale Nature Festival Event Gallery (Credit Collin Mclean Photography)

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