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Making Meadows

Merlindale Nature is working to reverse the decline in wildflower meadows which has taken place over the last 70 years. In order to accomplish this goal, large scale meadow restoration and creation need to take place. Hence we are promoting the reinstatement of wildflower meadows, both locally and farther afield, so that others can follow in our footsteps by making their own meadows.


How to Create a New Meadow

If you have a plot of rye grassland or intend on using ex arable farmland to create a meadow find out more here.

Bee Meadow July 2021.jpg

A Meadow in your Garden

If you have a piece of land with meadow potential, or just want a meadow on your lawn but you don't know how to restore and maintain it? Learn more here.  


Different Types of Flowers

A guide to the types of meadow flowers found in a Northern Hay Meadow.

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