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The Woods

Merlindale has some genuinely unique woodland within the Scottish Borders including towering Scots Pine, as well as Oak and Beech and large numbers of smaller plants and animals which call it home. In the Winter the area is magical, but it is in Spring that the woods really come alive as trees fill to the brim with rich leaf cover and the ground is covered in snowdrops and later in bluebells.


Green Woodpeckers can be heard crying throughout the woods and the drumming of Greater Spotted Woodpeckers also dominates the air. The Heronry has a total of eight nests, each with impatient young who are desperate to be fed.


Deer and Hare enjoy using the Woods as do badgers and Foxes. On the wall surrounding the woods weasels and stoats can often be seen scurrying in the search for small mice hiding in cracks and crevices.


Sparrowhawks use the wood as cover before diving in on the feeders to snack on unfortunate smaller birds (where this one has been photographed).

Red squirrel

Merlindale's red squirrels effortlessly scale pine trees in the search for a meal.

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These versatile little birds are the acrobats of the bird world able to climb down vertical trunks with ease.

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The calls of the cuckoo herald the coming of spring at Merlindale.

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