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Merlindale Nature works to reverse the decline in wildflower meadows which has taken place over the last 70 years. 

We restore and create meadows to promote biodiversity and help others to do likewise. 


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For more information about what's going on at Merlindale explore these links.

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Read about the Merlindale Nature Festival (2023) here

Merlindale Nature organises an annual festival to celebrate the natural world.


Check out the Tweed Meadows project here

Read about our project to restore meadows down the length of the river Tweed.

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For more information about Merlindale click here

Read about the biodiversity found at Merlindale and its various habitats.

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Check out the latest news by viewing our blog here

Update yourself on what is going on at Merlindale.

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Find out how to create your own meadow here

Learn about the various flora and how to create your own meadow.

Latest YouTube Upload

Below is the latest Merlindale Nature related content.

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